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Charter Dura-Bar Acquires Lokey Metals Fort Worth Operations

September 11, 2017

Lokey to become fourth branch of Dura-Bar Metal Services and join other distribution partners in providing enhanced services to OEMS and heart of American energy industry in Southwest

Effective today, Charter Dura-Bar has acquired the iron distribution business of Lokey Metals, in Fort Worth, TX. With this acquisition, Lokey Metals Fort Worth becomes the fourth branch of Dura-Bar Metal Services, in addition to its locations in Woodstock, IL, Salisbury, NC, and York, PA.

Lokey Metals Fort Worth brings a strong team of dedicated employees with over 170 years of oil & gas industry knowledge, customer relationships and a strong record for Dura-Bar growth. Lokey Metals has always placed a high value on understanding and serving their customers’ needs. This will continue and be strengthened by the support of all Dura-Bar Metal Services locations and the resources and commitment of parent company Charter Manufacturing Company, Inc.

We are very excited to leverage these vital skills to strengthen product development and customer specification relationships while continuing to provide excellent customer support in the Southwest, including the heart of the U.S. oilfield services industry. Dura-Bar is used in a variety of oilfield service applications such as plungers, pony rods and frac tools. We value the experience that the Lokey team will bring to our business and the opportunity to work closer to the end use customers to further innovate and expand uses of Dura-Bar across the energy value chain.

We remain extremely grateful to the three generations of the Lokey family who have built a strong foundation for Dura-Bar growth for more than fifty years. We wish the Lokeys great success as they continue to grow Housteel Bar Stock, their Houston-based metals distribution business, focused on stainless and carbon steel, aluminum and bronze bar products.

In addition to providing high-quality Dura-Bar, all Dura-Bar Metal Services locations offer a wide range of value added services to help customers save time and money. Materials can be supplied as-cast at full bar lengths, cut to required lengths, or processed to meet specific needs. For more information, please visit www.dura-barms.com or www.lokeymetals.com.

We are very excited to support your needs with the dedicated Lokey Metals and Dura-Bar Services team members you have always counted on.

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